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Awardbrand Ltd. prides itself in providing a unique and diverse  portfolio of products and services.  The Company is dedicated and devoted to meeting the needs of the clients by the deliverance of a complete range of industrial and technical purchasing and servicing.

Awardbrand Limited supplies a large variety of materials and spares for technical operations and projects to clients, including the delivery of :
  • Project Construction Materials
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems
  • Equipment & Tools
  • Machines & Vehicles
  • Industrial Safety Systems & Equipment

Awardbrand Limited's abundance of knowledge combined with outstanding levels of excellence in customer services has ensured the Company has had a reputable record of success in the Services section.


Awardbrand Limited is dedicated in assisting clients with any Engineering needs and matters, which arise in the fields of;
  • Design
  • Consulting

  AWARDBRAND Ltd.  2006

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